Bhawanipur Education Society College

Bhawanipur Education Society College
The Bhawanipur Education Society College
Gets Awarded as India’s Iconic Brand by The Brand Story

The Bhawanipur Education Society College gets awarded as India’s Iconic Brand by the Brand Story at The Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022.

The Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) is one of the most modern in terms of amenities and one of the most vibrant socio-cultural environments. The college is wired with a hundred per cent electronically empowered classrooms, a library that is stocked to address all intellectual needs of the students, some of the most well-equipped auditoria, sporting and all the other facilities that the students may need – all in the very heart of the city. The college offers a number of undergraduate honours programs in Arts, Commerce, Management and Science, and Post-Graduate degree courses in Commerce and English, offered under the University of Calcutta.
What really sets BESC apart is its holistic approach. It does not believe in restricting young minds to the confines of academic, classroom intensive, assembly-line pedagogy, but seeks their flowering through innumerable co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at the campus which remains its life source. Through seminars, workshops, competitions and cultural shows, the talent of each student finds, “Limitless Possibilities – To Explore, To Collaborate and To Challenge Themselves”.
At a time when start-ups and vocational education are the rage, with young minds taking the plunge to expand the horizons of possibility. BESC has organised its learning curve around Collectives or Knowledge circles – activities built around core interests – that seek to impart skills through collective participation. Communication, photography, digital art, theatre, performing arts, sports & games, debating & elocution – in fact there are eighteen collectives that lead students towards enlightenment even as they are busy enjoying the things, they like doing.
On an even higher plane, areas that are in dire need of trained manpower, but generally not covered by traditional courses are all addressed by BESC through a number of diploma courses that are fondly christened “The Career Connect Courses” which have been specifically crafted by stalwarts from respective domains who themselves interact with students and share real-life experiences from the industry to expose students into the actual process of wealth creation. Industry visits, Seminars, conferences and conventions, often with hands on, participative trainings are carefully woven in to increase efficacies and increase effectiveness of these courses. Corporate Communications, ACCA, CFP, Cyber Security, Commerce Plus, Stock Market working, Data Analytics, GST, Digital Marketing, Branding & Marketing, are among the many subjects that are taken up as part of this initiative that not only provides the students with a thorough grounding in the subjects of their choice but also makes them industry ready making its “Mission” of “shaping careers beyond expectation”.
The college also has a working arrangement with professional institutes like the ICAI, ICSI, ACCA, ICMA among others for students wishing to delve deeper into chosen fields. It will not be out of place to mention here that placement on the successful completion of these courses is not an exception, but the rule.
In addition to that, the college has a career resource centre which provides job and placements related information. On regular basis, they organise various seminars and workshops on developing entrepreneurial, leadership and interviewing skills and conducted internships and placements. Also, counsellors are available to guide the students about emerging trends in global and local hiring practices in the field of their choice. With emphasis on research, collaborative learning and internships with higher learning institutions, corporates and industry, the students find their classrooms full of windows of opportunities.
Mr Miraj D. Shah, the Vice Chairman of the institution says, “At the Bhawanipur Education Society College, we take pride in having touched lives and transforming them. BESC is much more than an institution. It is much more than a campus that is future proof in terms of technology with infrastructure that is cutting edge. BESC is also much more than the excellent quality of its faculties and the achievements of its students. As parents, we are custodians of young minds. For Students, we are the litmus. For Society we are creators of human wealth. – BESC is a way of life. Join us as we touch tomorrow.”
The Brand Story acknowledges the excellent efforts of Bhawanipur Education Society College in redefining the education industry. Mr Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, The Brand Story said, “BESC has always helped in bringing out the best in students by encouraging them to dream the most exuberant, most outrageous, most audacious dreams while also securing them in the knowledge that the college will back it to the hilt as they go about achieving them. The contribution of BESC is unparalleled in innovating and developing the education industry. The Brand Story is proud to honour the Bhawanipur Education Society as India’s Iconic Brand.”