Indian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2020

Theme: Indian Re-Imagined: Innovative, Inclusive, and Invincible

The conclave will focus on the key leadership challenges facing India to make India innovative and inclusive.

Panel Discussions on

  • Panel discussion on “India Re-imagined”
  • Panel discussions on Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?
  • Panel Discussion on Creating Value during the Turbulent Times: Role of Stakeholders in shaping the future.
  • Awards Show for all winning brands

The event will be widely covered by all the prominent media houses of the nation

The conclave will also be awarding Leading Brand and Leaders of India in the category of ICONIC, and Rising Stars.

Through this we wish to give life to each business story and present the biography, viewpoints and profile of the brand & leaders, so that they remain alive in the hearts of people forever.


  • Telecast Partner: NTDV Prime
  • Upcoming Event: Indian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2020
  • Location: Upcoming

I. Can an cancer awareness initiative

We believe that the highest priority for cancer control should be given to preventing the onset and detecting the disease at an early stage. In developing countries like India, implementing cancer control activities has to be prioritized, making optimal use of limited resources to deliver the utmost benefit to the largest number of people.

The underlying credo of this initiative is to provide an ideal platform for Medical Expert, Cancer Patients, Cancer Survivors & the care givers of a cancer patient to come together and discuss the challenges faced by them and creates awareness to ensure the initiative can make a difference in the lives of people affected by Cancer

I.CAN summit  will be a  Mix of (on air and on ground initiatives),divided into 3 Phases that would aim at understanding the current scenario of  Cancer Treatment , Facility Available & lack of awareness about CANCER and find a way forward with all the key stakeholders.

  • Upcoming Event:Indian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2020
  • Location: Upcoming

India’s Most Admirable Brands 2019

An ideal platform for brands and leaders so as to ensure the most exclusive, interesting and effective storyboard for their achievements over the years through their brand image, impact they have created and innovations.

India’s Most Admirable Brands also comes with an exclusive TV feature: LIMELIGHT Series.
LIMELIGHT SERIES will feature India’s Most Admirable Brands 2019-20.
These brands will be selected on the basis of Image, Impact and Innovation in their respective industry category. All the selected brands will be seen by millions across the nation.

This form of television programming initiative will help a company establish itself as a thought leader in its respective industry category. A perfect opportunity for a company to showcase its strength through its leader, product, vision, innovative technology, motivated employees, happy customers, etc that has cut through the clutter and made a place for itself in this competitive world.

  • Telecast Partner: NDTV Prime
  • Upcoming Event: Indian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2020
  • Location: Upcoming

India’s Top Minds 2019

India’s Top Minds are set of outstanding individuals who has set new benchmarks of sustained superior performance and transformational leadership backed by innate risk-taking ability, the discovery of new horizons of growth and the building of new organisational capabilities.

Our aim is to honour the great business minds of the country that are taking Indian corporate sector to new heights and contributing to making India a global leader.

  • Telecast Partner: NTDV Prime
  • Upcoming Event: Indian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2020
  • Location: Upcoming