India’s Most Admirable Brand Award aims to felicitate the brands that have carved a special place for themselves by offering an unparalleled value proposition to their customers and market.
The recipient brands for the coveted 'India's Most Admirable Brand Awards' are selected based on Image, Impact, and Innovation in their respective industry category.
India's Most Admirable Brands also comes with an exclusive TV feature: LIMELIGHT Series.
This television programming initiative helps a company establish itself as a thought leader in its respective industry category. The feature offers a perfect opportunity for a company to showcase its strength through its leader, product, vision, innovative technology, motivated employees, happy customers, etc. Millions across the nation see all the selected brands.
India's Greatest Workplace
Award aims to felicitate the organizations and leaders for creating cultures of trust, innovation, and growth and help share their stories with the world.
India's Top Minds Award is conferred to honor outstanding individuals who have set benchmarks of sustained superior performance and transformational leadership. The past recipients have exhibited an innate risk-taking ability, the discovery of new horizons of growth, and the building of new organizational capabilities. The recipients of the award include policymakers, business owners, professionals, and managers.
Iconic Brand
India's Iconic Brand Award is conferred to brands that have created an impact in a shorter period using value offerings, innovative solutions, customer service, and branding.
The award celebrates agile movers and leading brands in the respective segments. It beats the assumption that one needs to have a legacy of decades to make an impact.
The past recipients include FMCG brands and other leading brands.
Her Power Award Celebration of 'Her Power,' the 'Her Power' award is conferred to women of substance and impact, thus celebrating their contribution to the business, arts, social causes, and empowering the underprivileged. The past recipients include women leaders from business, entertainment, politics, and professionals.
Leader of Hope Award was institutionalized to celebrate a much-needed segment of leadership – the one that leads an organization and its people out of the crisis. The pandemic led to an unforeseen crisis both for businesses and society. It led to the emergence of the leadership of hope, which the award aims to celebrate. The recent recipients include business owners and entrepreneurs running social enterprises.
Social Impact Award honor the contribution of organizations that have created a positive impact on communities, individuals, and underprivileged social segments. The award recipients (past and potential) include social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, and business leaders heading social-benefit-driven initiatives.
Young Leader Award celebrates exceptional leadership exhibited by individuals under 40 years of age.
The current business landscape has witnessed young leaders taking the helm of traditional businesses and making them competitive and profitable. The Young Leader Award aims to celebrate and felicitate young leadership and help emerging leaders seek inspiration. The recipients of the award include business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

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