Leading with Stories : Workshop

Leading with Stories : Workshop
“No tribal Chief or Elder has ever handed out statistical reports, charts, graphs or lists of facts to explain where the group is headed or what it must do.”
Peg Neuhauser, author & business consultant
This is how we have evolved – as Storytelling Animals.
Leaders understand that only way to make a message timeless, and relevant is to use stories.
That is why, when it comes to getting audience on board, inspire action, put across values a firm stands for, leaders use the power of stories.
It is no coincidence that all great leaders are also great storytellers.
This workshop will help you to lead with stories:
• Why We love Storytelling? – Inside the brain and culture.
• What makes a Story? – The Structure, Characters and Flow.
• Learning from world’s most loved business storytellers – 3 Principles of Storytelling.
• Build your story bank so that you can tell the right story at the right time
• Finding your Voice, connecting with your audience and delivering a message that stays.