TBS Media – The Brand Story Recognized Amadeus Labs as Asia’s Most Inspirational Brand

Amadeus Labs has been awarded Asia’s Most Inspirational Brand for being a world leader in travel technology and enhancing traveler delight through travel technology solutions at the Asian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2023 organized by The Brand Story.

The Brand Story recently organized the Asian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2021 in Dubai with the theme Leadership in VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). The Conclave celebrated brands that have done impeccable work in their industries while showing exemplary leadership amidst various uncertainties. The event was marked by insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and the celebration of renowned brands and leaders. It had an impeccable and
unparalleled line-up of guests including the Chief Guest – His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan and special guests – H.E Ahmed Elmetwally, CEO of The Private Office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Dr Bu Abdullah, Chairman Bu Abdullah Group Of Companies, Shri. Sameep Shastri and Ms Mynoo Maryel.

Amadeus Labs was honoured with the award of Asia’s Most Inspirational Brand for being a world leader for over 35 years now and engineering the future of travel. The brand works with an aim to make every traveller’s journey more connected, seamless, and frictionless. Amadeus Labs Bengaluru, the 2nd largest engineering site for Amadeus worldwide has thousands of bright minds working on creating innovative solutions for the travel technology industry every day.
Amadeus recognizes that there is still uncertainty in the travel industry. Therefore, the brand is focused on building a more collaborative industry that prioritizes the needs of travellers. This approach helped the brand get through the pandemic and will continue to enable the brand to pursue sustainable and resilient growth regardless of the challenges the brand faces. By leveraging technology and innovation designed to enhance the traveller experience, Amadeus has enhanced the evolution of the industry and the travel ecosystem to identify and deliver value that supports both industry renewal and the needs of travellers.

Amadeus Labs is an airline business prepared for recovery. It is always prepared to determine when, where, and how to restart operations. This is especially challenging in a rapidly changing environment with no reliable historical data. With Amadeus Solutions, businesses had the opportunity to better manage departures by learning about the impact on future demand, analysing booking trends, and seat protection for individual bookings. Amadeus has also helped
businesses to drive recovery and urgently improve cash flow to reinvent their offerings and value proposition. With Amadeus’ support, businesses have been able to focus on new revenue models and target segments to ensure ensuring a speedy go-to-market execution through efficient sales processes.

As airline businesses aim at growing in this digital era, a more digital approach to operations is necessary, to reduce costs and human interaction. Amadeus is helping airlines find ways of controlling costs, looking for ever greater efficiency, better disruption handling, the ability to ramp up and down, and to fly to ad-hoc destinations quickly. Amadeus also supports airlines to be more proactive with communications. The brand supports airline businesses through their digitalization journey evolving customer journey touchpoints such as booking, servicing, delivery, and disruption.

With Amadeus’ solutions, agents aren’t tied to the desk but can use a hand-held device to service customers faster and from a safe distance. At Amadeus, smart working is the new norm, and the brand accesses tools to run the business from home and has implemented virtual training to interact efficiently with airline customers. Other than this, Amadeus Labs has also developed a Safe Travel Ecosystem that aims to provide a secure and frictionless way for passengers to travel during COVID-19 times. The company has added new capabilities to its Amadeus Traveler ID to
allow passengers to show their health documentation needed for travel.

Amadeus has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to renewing the travel industry through its initiatives and innovations making it Asia’s Most Inspirational Brand. With its focus on enhancing traveller safety, boosting operational efficiencies, and supporting the travel industry’s workforce, Amadeus has shown remarkable foresight and adaptability during these challenging times. By leveraging its technological expertise and collaborative approach, Amadeus has helped to keep the travel industry alive while paving the way for a brighter future. As the travel industry continues to recover and evolve, Amadeus will undoubtedly remain a key driver of innovation and inspiration.

The Brand Story acknowledges the excellent efforts of Amadeus Labs in being a leader in offering travel and technology solutions. Dr. Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, and Mr. Dhruv Pachnanda of TBS Media – The Brand Story are honoured to award Amadeus Labs as Asia’a Most Inspirational Brand award. Dr. Abhay Kaushik said, “Amadeus Labs is a leading provider of IT solutions to the travel and technology industry. The way it has been pioneering the process of offering a global platform to the travel industry by enabling access to the state of travel technology is absolutely commendable. The Brand Story is proud to confer Amadeus Labs with Asia’s Most Inspirational Brand award.