TBS Media – The Brand Story Recognized Sri Chaitanya as Asia’s Leading Brand

Sri Chaitanya has been awarded Asia’s Leading Brand for being one of the most committed organizations to offer the best education to children at the Asian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2023 organized by The Brand Story.

The Brand Story recently organized the Asian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2021 in Dubai with the theme Leadership in VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). The Conclave celebrated brands that have done impeccable work in their industries while showing exemplary leadership amidst various uncertainties. The event was marked by insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and the celebration of renowned brands and leaders. It had an impeccable and
unparalleled line-up of guests including the Chief Guest – His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan and special guests – H.E Ahmed Elmetwally, CEO of The Private Office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Dr Bu Abdullah, Chairman Bu Abdullah Group Of Companies, Shri. Sameep Shastri and Ms Mynoo Maryel.

Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions was honoured with the award of Asia’s Leading Brand at the Asian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2023. Ms. Sushma Bopanna – Academic Director at Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions was honoured with the HerPower award and Ms. Seema Bopanna – Director at Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions was honoured with the HerPower award. It was in the year 1986 after practising medicine in the UK and Iran for 16 years that Dr. B.S. Rao and his wife Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Boppana returned to India to start the first Sri Chaitanya
school in Vijayawada. The inception of SCGI was the outcome of a long-cherished dream. The brand observed that students especially girl children from rural Andhra Pradesh had very limited access to professional education because of a lack of awareness or resources. Therefore, the brand took the initiative to address this lacuna by establishing the first Sri Chaitanya Girls Junior College 37 years ago.

Ever since then, the prime objective of Sri Chaitanya has been to prepare students who were deserving and meritorious to get access to top-ranked higher education institutions and become successful in their careers. This required a fresh approach to intermediate-level education. The growth of SCGI since then has been tremendous. After the brand established a boys’ junior college in Hyderabad in 1991, the next step was to quickly launch several junior colleges (classes XI-XII) in other towns of the unified Andhra Pradesh. Currently, there are 321 state board-affiliated junior
colleges and 322 K-10 Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In addition, the brand has also established 107 CBSE-affiliated Chaitanya schools in other states of India.

At its core, Sri Chaitanya is working to ensure each student in India deserves affordable education in the online and offline modes. Efforts are being made to ensure that Sri Chaitanya becomes a world-class organization of talented and committed individuals with a deep passion for educating children. Other than this, the brand also believes that each child is unique which is why it makes consistent efforts to ensure that all children are given special care when it comes to teaching. The brand makes dedicated efforts to train students in a way that allows them to compete and succeed not only in examinations but also in their careers and life.

Sri Chaitanya has come up with innovative and world-class learning methodologies that can make students prepared to rule the world when they step into their careers. It is the futuristic vision of Dr. BS Rao and Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Bopanna that has kept the students of Sri Chaitanya ahead of time. With farsightedness, determination, and exemplary leadership, Dr. Rao has given India a world-class academic institution that produces knowledgeable and skilled children. Under the able leadership of Dr. Rao and Dr. Bopanna, it is ensured that each child’s education gets supplemented by enriched curriculums and dynamic ICT-enabled pedagogies so that students can gain a competitive edge.

A key factor that keeps Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions growing with each passing day is the leadership that spearheads the company. Ms. Sushma Bopanna, the Academic Director ensures the Academic Planning and ensures that the brand continuously evolves and fine-tunes its model with enriched and value-added content that can prepare students to excel in national entrance examinations. In addition, Ms. Seema Bopanna, the Director ensures that the institution keeps pioneering its way for academic success in the country while creating a premium pathway for
academic success.

The Brand Story acknowledges the excellent efforts of Sri Chaitanya in being one of the top education brands in the country. Dr. Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, and Mr. Dhruv Pachnanda of TBS Media – The Brand Story are honored to award Sri Chaitanya as Asia’s Leading Brand, Ms. Sushma Bopanna with the HerPower award and Ms. Seema Bopanna with the HerPower award. Dr. Abhay Kaushik said, “Sri Chaitanya is responsible for significantly contributing
to the academic success of thousands of thousands in India. It has produced countless doctors, engineers, IAS officers, and CAs involved in national development. The efforts of Sri Chaitanya are absolutely commendable and deserve immense appreciation. The Brand Story is proud to offer Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions as Asia’s Leading Brand, Ms. Sushma Bopanna with the HerPower award and Ms. Seema Bopanna with the HerPower award.