Amadeus invests in People Practices to Foster an Inclusive Culture

Amadeus invests in People Practices to Foster an Inclusive Culture
Amadeus invests in People Practices to Foster an Inclusive Culture

The pandemic and the effect of “The Great Resignation” made the industry more competitive with full of exciting challenges. Looking at these unprecedented changes, organizations globally introduced various key initiatives toward ensuring employee wellness in a remote/hybrid environment. With people getting comfortable in this new normal, the focus is now shifting to the aspects, such as employee engagement, well-being, and a culture that fosters innovation.

Amadeus understands this shift and believes its of utmost importance to ensure an inclusive culture, where its employees are empowered. Being the world’s largest travel technology provider, Amadeus has been named among the World’s Top 10 software companies by Forbes. Present in 190+countries, 50 offices, with 150 nationalities, the company comprises close to 16,000 employees worldwide.

Moreover, Amadeus Labs Bengaluru, the Asia hub, is the 2nd largest Engineering and R&D Centre in the Amadeus Universe. Over 3000+ of the best technology experts work on niche travel technology solutions, out of which 85% are millennials. Recently Amadeus won the Top Employer India 2022 and the National Best Employer Brand 2022 awards, a testimony to their people-first approach.

Workplace aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality have a large impact on employee productivity, today. Here are a few ways to ensure an employee-friendly ecosystem at work.

Promoting Innovation

Collaboration is the first step towards an organization’s success as well as its employees. Amadeus believes the only possible way to be one step ahead of the expectations of the tech industry is to promote a culture of innovation at the workplace. Amadeus believes in a communication-driven work environment that encourages employees and leaders to collaborate through initiatives such as leadership speaking engagements, a knowledge-sharing platform, sessions on new tech & innovation, intuitive ideas, external and internal hackathons, ideathon, futurize generating over 1000+ ideas, innovation board etc. Through the patent mining workshops, employees are given the direction and
inspiration they need to work on their innovative ideas.

Learning & Development

Amadeus invests in developing employees’ knowledge base, skills, capabilities, behaviors, and attitudes through various L&D programs making Amadeus the ‘The Most Effective Learning Organization’ according to the Zinnov Annual Awards. Leadership narratives, masterclass for day-to-day operation, development training, blended seminars, and young engineer training program are some of the initiatives introduced. Amadeus further has transversal initiatives for well-rounded employees such as aGeek forum, external and internal hackathons, and many more.


The objective of the workshops introduced by Amadeus is to communicate brand philosophy, strategy, objectives, and key messages to every employee. Right from Amadeus blog – a place to share personal and professional stories to Ask Mani – a platform where an employee can write confidential messages to the Centre Head, with any questions, concerns, or feedback. Adding to these the Amadeus quarterly newsletter, Amadeus ForceOne, disruption chronicles – stories of individuals and teams who have pushed boundaries and overcome great obstacles are some ways through which Amadeus
fosters innovation.

Supporting & Listening

The programs and initiatives introduced at Amadeus creates a work environment which is conducive to an employee’s all-round development and well-being. The ‘We are all Ears’ Initiatives such as Skip Level Meetings, Personalised Coaching, Quick Surveys allows the employer to keenly listen to employees to gain a collective perspective. Amadeus motivates its employees to utilize numerous benefits introduced through its MyBenefits Program and provides support services for parents such as monthly daycare services, ad-hoc daycare solutions, social wellbeing sessions for parents, interest free loans to name a few.

On leave policies, female employees are entitled to maternity leaves of 26 weeks and male employees are entitled to 3 days of paternity leaves at the time of birth. In terms of health and wellness initiative, Amadeus provides free annual health checkups, doctors’ visits, and physiotherapy, Health Club Membership and conducts Bi-Annual Health check-ups.

These initiatives by Amadeus ensures that employees have a work-life balance, and at the same time instill a sense of belonging and innovation. Amadeus aims to give its employees many opportunities to unwind and see the workplace as their second home. As a result, they go the extra mile to ensure that their employees spend the best part of their day in an atmosphere that is conducive to optimum well-being and performance.