Mrs. Geetha Nagpal

Mrs. Geetha Nagpal
Mrs. Geetha Nagpal, Vice-Chairperson, Krupanidhi Group of Institutions got the Her Power Award at the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022 organized by The Brand Story.

TBS Media – The Brand Story is India’s top brand rating company that highlights brands propelling the country’s growth. TBS Media organized the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022 to honour brands and individuals that have done inspiring work in their respective fields. The 2022 edition focused on bringing out the unique stories of brands and leaders who have successfully overcome business leadership challenges innovatively and inclusively. Mrs Geetha Nagpal, Vice-Chairperson, Krupanidhi Group of Institutions was honoured with the Her Power Award at the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022.

Mrs. Geetha Nagpal is the Vice Chairperson of Krupanidhi Group of Institutions. She has been spearheading the work of innovating newer teaching methods for students in order to keep up with the dynamics and the demands of the ever-evolving industry.  She is an effective leader who believes in ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. Her leadership style is focused on the fact that if any corners exist in a situation then all of them must be addressed and dealt with. Some important values that Mrs Geetha Nagpal stresses on include keeping one’s promises and fulfilling expectations. She believes that these values display moral courage, ethical strength, and trustworthiness. As a true leader, she believes in being consistent, congruent, and transparent in her values and beliefs. When it comes to working, she is extremely accommodating to integrating values and principles so that a purposeful life can be created.

According to Mrs. Geetha Nagpal, team building, team development, and team management are prominent challenges that one faces as a leader. She ensures that she instils pride, provides support, engages her team members to collaborate, establishes norms, and leads effectively. She makes it a point that she never focuses on achievements and numbers more than required. In addition, she also stresses following the work culture so that she does not follow misguided and misconceived goals which can quickly lead to downfall. Under her guidance, Mrs Geetha has created various learning, growing, and improving opportunities for students. As a current leader in the Krupanidhi Group of Institutions, she thinks about the future needs of the organization and does everything needed to meet those needs.

Mrs Geetha Nagpal believes that work culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that make up the regular atmosphere in a work environment. According to her, healthy workplace cultures align employee behaviours and company policies with the overall goals of the company, while also considering the well-being of individuals. She opines that culture comprises the deeply rooted but often unconscious beliefs, values, and norms shared by the members of the organization. At Krupanidhi, the culture defines the way things are done.

Believe in continuous innovation as a means of solving a real problem, Mrs. Geetha stresses promoting equitable learning. Her efforts are inclined toward matching innovation in education to the scale of the challenges and their solution. She thinks that innovation is not about making small changes or simply using new technology just because it’s available; rather it’s a change in an innovative manner that sustains the best minds in the country along with growth and revenue.

Mrs. Geetha also focuses on community service and development activities. Under her leadership, The Philanthropic Organization of KGI drives a positive force in society. For some years, it has been providing financial support to needy and meritorious students in pursuing education. The Trust has undertaken a systematic and planned program of philanthropy to achieve its social obligation towards society and has various drives and activities under the banner of CSR Cell. KGI undertakes several programs to promote educational and other social activities that help the talented, as well as needy students, faculty and other members of the community. Mrs. Geetha makes sure that apart from the budget provided by the Trust, the foundation also generates resources through receiving donations from the well-wishers of the students, its alumni, industry and others.

Dr Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, TBS Media – The Brand Story said, “Geetha Nagpal has proven to be an excellent leader at Krupanidhi Group of Institutions. She is an able leader whose hard work and vision have allowed the brand to become well-positioned in the quickly growing education industry.” TBS Media – The Brand Story is proud to honour Mrs. Geetha Nagpal with the HerPower Award.