Dibyajyoti Pattanaik

Dibyajyoti Pattanaik
Dibyajyoti Pattanaik was recognized as India’s Top Mind at the Indian Brand and Leadership
Conclave 2022 organized by The Brand Story.

TBS Media – The Brand Story is India’s top brand rating company that honours brands and leaders propelling the country’s growth. TBS Media organized the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022 to bring out the stories of brands and leaders that are doing inspiring work in their respective fields while overcoming business challenges innovatively. Mr Dibyajyoti Pattanaik, Director – Annapurna Finance was recognized as India’s Top Mind at the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022.

The Director of Bhubaneswar based Annapurna Finance, Mr Pattanaik comes with an experience of more than 15 years in microfinance, micro-enterprise development, and development sector consulting. All through his career, he has shown empathy, strategic thinking, planning and execution, and exceptional communication skills that have made him lead effectively. Mr Pattanaik is an alumnus of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII). He also joined the “People’s Forum” after learning a great deal about the dynamics of Micro-Finance and Micro-Enterprise Development as a part of the Post Graduate Programme in Management. People’s Forum allowed him to cater to the credit needs of individuals at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

An impeccable leader, Mr Pattanaik encourages his team to work with a result-oriented mindset. He gives attention to all employees and has goals in place for each one of them individually. Using effective delegation and communication, he empowers the employees by making them participate in decision-making meetings. Leadership for Mr Dibyajyoti Pattanaik involves taking sound, articulate, and difficult decisions with a clear vision of accomplishing goals. He believes that goals help everyone in enhancing skills and empowering a company’s expectations to reflect clearly.

Leading from the front with an open-minded attitude, Mr Dibyajyoti Pattanaik encourages an open-minded discussion with the concerned team while giving them respect for each opinion. He believes in prioritising the areas of conflict, developing a plan to work on for each disagreement, identifying points of agreement and disagreement, and making a rational decision accordingly. Mr Pattanaik is known for his ability to face challenges head-on and take difficult decisions. Even though there were challenges and hardships encountered by the organization during the pandemic, he ensured that there was no termination and the employees got their salaries and other perks timely.
When the nationwide lockdown was imposed, Mr Pattanaik made sure that his employees are supported by giving them full salaries. Starting from insurance benefits to hospitalization expenses, medicine delivery to virtual medical assistance, vaccinations to health counselling, ambulance facility to protective equipment provision, grocery delivery to quarantine arrangements, everything was thoroughly conducted to ensure the safety of each employee during the pandemic.

Doctors and counsellors were also welcomed for checking on the health update of employees. Mr Dibyajyoti focuses on the empowerment and development of each and every employee. He works efficiently for the vision of the organization by not just thinking and planning but implementing as well. He continues to set clear expectations for the teams with proper communication while also providing constructive feedback whenever needed. Recognition and positive reinforcement help the employees to do well. Mr Pattanaik believes that mentorship is always a two-way process and there should be mutual learning where one gets to learn from another person. This always leads to a win-win situation.

Under the leadership of Mr Dibyajyoti Pattanaik, Annapurna Finance has continued innovating in the products and services that it offers. The company has introduced a pre-approved emergency loan product that was never heard of before called Just In Time Loan was launched for the active customers of AFPL. The company has also launched a Digital MSME platform, the first in the MFI industry. While serving as the Board Member and Vice-President of MFIN, association state initiatives were introduced under his leadership. Various tech innovations have also been implemented in the organization such as GIS, Independent Risk Management, Policy Advocacy with Public and Private Partners, SAMARTH, WASH as an MFI, and School Fee Education Loan.

Dr Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, TBS Media – The Brand Story said, “Mr Dibyajyoti Pattanaik has led Annapurna Finance to become a prominent success story. He is a visionary who continues to ensure that all the employees prosper along with the company. Under his leadership, the brand has turned into a one-stop solution for customers.” TBS Media – The Brand Story is proud to honour Mr Dibyajyoti Pattanaik as India’s Top Mind.