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Amadeus Labs
Amadeus Labs has been recognized as the Most Trusted Brand of the Nation at the recently organised Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022 by The Brand Story

TTBS Media – The Brand Story organised the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022, a congregation of India’s most trusted brands to recognize those that have done remarkable work in their respective industry. The 2022 edition focused primarily on business leadership challenges and also recognized brands that overcame these challenges innovatively and inclusively. TBS Media – The Brand Story is one of India’s top brand rating companies that showcase the unique stories of brands that propel the country’s growth. Amadeus Labs has been recognized as the Most Trusted Brand of the Nation at the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022.

A world leader in travel technology, Amadeus is a truly humanised brand that focuses on enhancing traveller delight through travel technology solutions. It has been a world leader for over 35 years now and is engineering the future of travel. The brand works with an aim to make every traveller’s journey more connected, seamless, and frictionless. Amadeus Labs Bengaluru, the 2nd largest engineering site for Amadeus worldwide has over 2500 bright minds working on creating innovative solutions for the travel technology industry every day.

“Amadeus is primarily a technology company, with our SAAS-based technology platform serving as our USP and providing a competitive edge over the others. As a company, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovation by investing close to 800 million euros annually on the technology platform,” emphasises Mani Ganeshan, APAC Engineering Head, Amadeus.

After gaining market and brand leadership in the travel industry, Amadeus is making consistent efforts to sustain the strong employer brand it has built over the years. The simple fact that the brand touches all human lives through its tag line – “Powering better journeys through travel technology”, depicts how humanised the brand and its ethos are.
One of the prominent reasons why the brand stands out is because of its versatile nature in the industry of travel. It brings together the entire travel ecosystem across the board via airlines, travel agencies, airports, providers, hotel chains, ground handlers, and car rental companies to make every journey for over 2 million passengers around the world seamless. Around 400 airlines, hundreds of airports, thousands of travel sellers and some of the globally renowned hospitality groups rely on Amadeus solutions to power the travel industry.

Its purpose reflects the core work that is done to make each journey a lot more connected, seamless, and touchless at each point for the traveller. Some of the human-centric traits that explain the brand’s image include agility, connectedness and innovativeness. Amadeus Labs promises to shape the future of travel and power better journeys through travel technology.

Something that is absolutely commendable about the brand is the ability to be prudent and to devise strategies to support customers to operate more efficiently, optimise costs and execute touchless travelling experiences with a wide range of solutions including touchless check-in, and touchless baggage claim, biometric boarding, and more. Covid 19 brought the biggest challenge of all to the travel industry. Being the worst affected industry, it was a challenge that Amadeus did not foresee but was prepared for. The brand showed exceptional ability in crisis and focused on innovating tech solutions for customers, and partners and turning a challenge into an opportunity by accelerating travel technology. Amadeus is well known for ensuring employees are taken care of and that is another important reason why they are a winning brand in the industry. Amadeus has recently embarked upon what is touted to be the travel industry’s most epic transformation journey – Migration to Public Cloud.

This move is expected to start a new chapter in the travel industry as it will make journeys more connected, frictionless, and sustainable. According to Amadeus, the benefits of moving to the public cloud will completely transform travel. It will bring in resilience, higher availability, faster deployments, help get closer to customers, reduce latency and provide ultra-fast response times. An important factor to note is that it would also effectively address data sovereignty challenges, provide enhanced security and help partner with the big tech providers to bring innovations faster to the Travel Industry eventually creating a safe travel ecosystem for all.

Amadeus is going to migrate all its assets from private data centres to the public cloud over the coming three years. This is a big transformation program that will change the way the entire industry functions. Continuous learning is a part of the brand’s ethos and it is able to implement various mechanisms to make this a reality for all employees at Amadeus Labs.  These measures make sure that the brand retains market leadership in the travel space and is leaving no stone unturned to continue doing so in the coming future as well. A focus on community service and sustainability is also of prime importance and the organisation makes various efforts on a regular basis in this direction.

xDr Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, TBS Media – The Brand Story said, “Amadeus Labs is a leading provider of IT solutions to the travel and technology industry. The way it has been pioneering the process of offering a global platform to the travel industry by enabling access to the state of travel technology is absolutely commendable.” TBS Media – The Brand Story is proud to honour Amadeus Labs as the Most Trusted Brand of the Nation.