Amadeus is Committed to Build a Robust Talent Ecosystem through Technology & Innovation

Amadeus is Committed to Build a Robust Talent Ecosystem through Technology &  Innovation
Amadeus is Committed to Build a Robust Talent Ecosystem through Technology & Innovation

A pioneer in the world of SaaS-enabled technology, Amadeus became the first travel technology provider in the world to run exclusively on an open system having managed its own data center for many years. The company has been enabling travel brands (airlines & airports, hotels & railways, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators, and others) worldwide to run their operations and shape traveler experiences. Amadeus invests over 800 million Euros yearly in its technology platform, providing a wide range of opportunities for its talent to explore and further develop their innovation skills.

The exponential rate of internet penetration, increased convenience of e-commerce payment methods,and the dramatic rise in using online sources to search, map out, and book travel has placed technology at the forefront of innovation. As social and economic connectivity unfolds, integrating business models into the cloud and leveraging its advanced capabilities have become crucial for travel businesses. Today, Amadeus’ cloud transformation journey is one of the most significant technology transformations bringing innovations faster to the travel industry connecting the entire ecosystem through the cloud to provide a better travel experience for more than 2 billion passengers globally.

Technology – Key Enabler in Attracting Talent

Over the years technology has advanced tremendously and it has changed the way we purchase online, the way we communicate, travel, and learn. Today hiring has become a real game changer enabling human resources and recruiters to choose qualified, right-fit candidates to fill the positions. With the right tools and approach in place, hiring can be made faster and more cost-effective. Technologies such as AI, data analytics, and cloud computing has made it exceptionally easy to learn and reach out to millions of candidates and seek the best talent. With these innovations, recruiters can now have open communication with the candidates, set the job expectations, and share honest and transparent feedback. Amadeus believes that innovation and technologies provide the opportunities required to captivate talent from a diverse pool. At Amadeus, its people and culture remain fundamental pillars in the success of the company’s strategy. It’s committed to encouraging its talent to focus on learning, adapting, and implementing new skills that can help them build a successful career and transform the future of travel.

Amadeus Shaping the Future of Travel through Talent

Amadeus Labs Bengaluru is the second-largest engineering and R&D hub of Amadeus worldwide with more than 3000 engineers rapidly innovating on the Amadeus platform and providing world class technology solutions to the travel industry. Its goal is to build an inclusive culture in which diversity is valued. The company is actively committed to promoting a shared culture of respect, equal opportunity, openness, and thoughtfulness, underpinned by its collective enthusiasm for technology, travel, and innovation.

From regularly reviewing selection processes for bias to ensuring that the job offers are gender neutral, Amadeus continues working to build a workplace with equal opportunities for all employees. The company actively recruits talent from various colleges every year with a special focus on hiring girls in STEM, offers fest and lab sponsorships, industry mentoring programs, guest lectures/ webinars and undertakes several initiatives to attract top talent. Over 200 engineers are hired annually to further strengthen its technology prowess. Through internal development opportunities such as mentoring, on-the-job training, revamping leadership promotion processes, organized learning & training sessions, and preparing talent to speak at industry events, Amadeus ensures its talent have all the opportunities to be successful.

The heart and soul of every company is its talent and adopting the right tools will benefit the businesses and its overall growth. Amadeus ensures its approach to talent acquisition is agile, modern, and digital. With a vision to strengthen its position as an Employer of Choice in the Travel IT Industry, Amadeus is building an iconic brand that combines its shared heritage and innovation and helps create new opportunities for talent as well as for businesses.