Jain Amar Clothing Private Limited

Jain Amar Clothing Private Limited
Jain Amar is a family-owned clothing and accessories company. Founded in India in 1939, it provides fast affordable fashion for women, men, teenagers and children.
With a vision & mission to showcase lifestyle brands; the company intends to build a portfolio of products and international labels that earn admiration from the customer for the design and quality.
Presented through eighth labels, the products are sold in over 2,000 stores across three continents.
The company markets itself through an integrated network of distribution, large format stores and e-commerce. Three premier brands are presented through 150 Exclusive Brand Stores in three markets internationally. Its centralised and integrated logistics centre ensures the supply chain is well managed and customers requirement is fulfilled 24X7.
One of their premium and most recognized brands is MADAME, which is a fashion forward brand that promises to dress girls from their innocent teen years to their confident and happening adulthood.